Brandy barrel-aged apple gose style ale. 



Basque Cider-inspired Apple Gose with Brett.




"Ever drank too much in Madrid and tried to explain drug addicts eating peoples faces to native Spanish speakers while drinking funky as f*ck cider?!? WhatThis beer is a love letter to the delicious cider of Spain, scribed in the hilarious place where outlandish news stories meet puns. Basque Salts takes a Gose recipe, with all that wheat and salt and pairs it with 20% delicious apple juice from the Columbia River Valley. This blend was fermented with Brett and Lacto and left to age in some adorable brandy barrels for several months. This oak-aged wild fermentation is in line with the way ciders are produced in the Basque region of Spain and yields a product that is similarly funky, tart, tannic and delicious. So get those feet a-stomping and those skirts a flapping and that counter-point clapping on point and drink up!"

Against The Grain 🇺🇸 all funked up : wild series : basque salts

  • 4.5%

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