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About: medium-bodied barley wine, surprisingly smooth, with a herbal aroma. Initially sweet, with a smooth, dry, finish. The addition of dandelion and burdock brings an earthy, herbal note to the beer. Vegan-friendly.

Released for Anarchy Brew Co.'s 8th birthday at Friends of Anarchy Fest on 25th January 2020.


Hops: Chinook
Malts: Ex. Pale, Munich, Dextrin, Crystal, T. Wheat
Yeast: California Ale
Other: Dandelion + Burdock


We say: a real sipper of a big boozy beer. Sweet sticky toffee flavours with woody and earthy, dark rum, herbal and hoppy notes.

Anarchy Brew Co 🇬🇧 the great elmyra : barley wine

  • 10%

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91-97 Cambridge St, Cleethorpes DN35 8HD, UK