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Canadian Riot | 6.0% | 440ML Can | Vegan Friendly


The brewers say:

Canadian Riot is a rich thick Stout using loads of maple, pecan & muscovado sugar to create a sweet stout. We also used bourbon oak to give a greater level of depth to this full flavoured 6% abv stout.


Initially, a collaboration with Top Rope Brewing, this is a true meeting of minds. After patting each others backs for our respective stouts - Canadian Destroyer and Kentucky Riot - we had an are you thinking what Im thinking? moment. This is how Canadian Riot was born. We took the indulgence of the maple and pecan additions and added it to our oak and bourbon infused stout to bring you this very special beer. With a ramped up ABV of 6%, this sweet and decadent stout still has the robust and slightly smoky nature of Kentucky Riot but now has an added nutty and caramel like texture that coats your tastebuds.. 




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Beatnikz Republic 🇬🇧 canadian riot : maple & bourbon stout

  • 6.0%

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