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What's the story, morgon glory?


Oat Stout with Tarrazu Coffee ☕️

5.6% | 330ML Can | Vegan Friendly ✔️

The brewers say:

One of the most important ingredients in making Craft Beer is great coffee. Thanks to our friends at Morgon Coffee Roasters for making our early mornings better, and for the coffee in this beer.

Collaboration with Morgon Coffee Roasters. Coffee aroma blended with sweet roasted malts. Some Chilli fruit, raspberries and Caramel. The taste is delicious, with a light and clean body. The flavour has some berries alongside a slight tobacco tone. The coffee is not as pronounced as in the smell, but there’s some nuttiness there, to end off with a soft mouth feel and a clean finish.

BEERBLIOTEK 🇸🇪 WHAT’S THE STORY, MORGON GLORY? oat stout + tarrazu coffee

  • 5.6%

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