🦊 700ML / Large Bottle 🦊 

Crafty Fox is a unique, small-batch classic London Dry Gin created by hand in Huddersfield by the Harrison family.


This 42% gin is made in a traditional method using a copper-still from Portugal - charmingly name "Bertha" - and only with the finest of botanicals, including; juniper, black pepper, pink pepper, coriander, bay leaf, lime and orange peel.


Originally the Harrisons’ bought the copper-still to produce gin as wedding favours at their own wedding, but just 2 months later they were supplying bars and restaurants all around Huddersfield due to the popularity and word of mouth.


Crafty Fox goes well with any premium tonic and a wedge of lime and/or orange to allow the high-quality and flavoursome botanicals to shine. 

Crafty Fox - london dry gin

  • 42%

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