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"A creative twist on our original mead, dry hopping mellows the characteristic sweetness and brings greater body to this crisp mead. Dry hopped with mosaic and amarillo.

Perfect for any occasion. And its natural because its made from the goodness of honey. Yes, its mead, but this is very much a drink for today. Chilled and refreshing. Bubbles from bees."




About Gosnells, by Tom Gosnell: "The best origin stories are either born out of lifelong passion or a moment of epiphany - For me, it was somewhere between.In 2012, I was travelling along the East Coast of the US, when I was first exposed to great mead. Mead that was crafted with real love, care, and respect for the honey.This really lit a fire in me, and I was determined to start making a modern mead in London. We've created the first London meadery in over 500 years, and we are spearheading the revival of mead in the UK and internationally (cut further afield). We are now selling to over nine countries worldwide. Bees are incredible creatures, and their honeys' flavours reflect the flowers, shrubs and trees on which they feed."

Gosnells 🇬🇧 hopped : sparkling mead

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