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Formally "Dancing Bear", the new Dancing Bier is a german inspired lager with a clear pale golden pour and aromas of bread, a little spice and hints of herb. Incredibly light on the mouth, with very soft carbonation. However the depth of flavour is quite surprising, the finish is quite long, owing to the generous amount of dry hopping that has taken place. A classic pale malt backbone with some nice herbal and grassy flavours. Cracking little number!




The brewers say: our first take on this most popular of modern beer styles. With a clean malt bill this beer is pale colour with classic crisp backbone, while a concoction of Germany’s finest Magnum, Saphir Whole Leaf and Hallertau hops deliver a refined bitterness and characteristic herbal hit. True to style we used soft water, a Bavarian yeast and extended cold maturation to deliver the style’s distinctive subtle depth. A lightness of body and spritzy carbonation will make the beer dance on your palate and a refreshingly crisp finish will keep you coming back for more … PROST!

Magic Rock 🇬🇧 dancing bier : german lager

  • 4.5%

01472 453131

91-97 Cambridge St, Cleethorpes DN35 8HD, UK