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Pear Cider / Perry 

2.5% | 750ML Bottle 


Vegan Friendly ✔️ | Gluten Free ✔️


The cidery say:

Made from 100% Normandy pears (12 varieties) grown and harvested near the Chateau de Sassy. Crisp with subtle acidity and a smooth effervescence balancing perfectly with the pears natural sugar.


Best enjoyed as an apritif or alongside fish, seafood and light chocolate desserts. Best served at 8C. Delicate and refined 12 varieties of pear Bright and clear. Sharp, slightly tannic but soft mouthfeel. Aromas of fresh pear. 

All our creations are 100% natural and without added sugars, colourings, additives, preservatives. 

About the cidery:

SASSY is the disruptive face of traditional cider. Originating from the Chateau de Sassy, Normandy, the tradition of cidre and calvados making has been preserved by Xavier’s family since 1852.


Maison SASSY is the new, modern face of traditional Normandy cidre. Our home – the Château de Sassy, Normandy – has preserved the tradition of cidre and calvados making since 1852, thanks to our co-founder Xavier’s family and their love for the terroir.


Our mission is to elevate Normandy and celebrate cidre. We created Maison SASSY to change perceptions of cidre through authentic and high-quality handcrafted products, and help put Normandy back on the map.


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Maison Sassy 🇫🇷 POIRÉ 🍐 Pear Cider / Perry

  • 2.5%

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