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Collab Beer | PRO AQUA | 3.2% | 500ML Can

Boys Bitter | Vegan Friendly 


The brewers say:

Brewed with our friends at Young Master from Hong Kong after reminiscing about our love of bitters, it seemed fitting to brew a very sessionable style in ‘boys bitter, updated with a strong Marble identity. This historically low-strength bitter which balances the finest English malts with a decisive hop character. Sessionable and moreish. 

We say:

Super tasty, super clean tasting, light, refreshing and charming session bitter. Could happily drink all afternoon and evening, but not morning of course. #DrinkResponsibily etc. 




About Marble Beers:

Opened in 1997 in the back room of the historic Marble Arch Pub in Manchester, Marble's outstanding beers soon began to gain a huge reputation. The demand for their multi-award winning brews saw the need to move to a new 12 barrel plant nearby to the pub in 2011. Marble pride themselves on producing natural beers in the correct way that are absolutely bursting with fresh flavours and oozing quality.


twitter: @marblebrewers 

Marble Beers 🇬🇧 X Young Master 🇭🇰 pro aqua : boys bitter

  • 3.2%

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