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4.5% ABV / 330ML Bottle / Charity Beer


A hoppy 4.5% London Pale Ale brewed in collaboration with Thames Water, the producer of beers largest ingredient and a worthy partner to raise the profile of Brewgooders cause, to raise funds for and to raise awareness of, water poverty in Malawi.


Alan Mahon, Brewgooder’s founder, said: “The Global Gathering shows what the craft beer community is capable of when we collaborate and use our shared passion to make a positive impact. To have 250 brewers from across the world get behind our mission is incredible. They will not only make people happy with their amazing, unique beers but also impact thousands of lives.


There are far too many people in developing countries who have their ambitions, dreams and potential limited by lack of access to a safe source of water. By providing clean, accessible water, we can help kids grow up healthier, stay in school longer and build better lives.”


All profits go to Malawi 🇲🇼, so every deop counts...

Moncada Brewery x Brewgooder 🇬🇧 london pale ale

  • 4.5%

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