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We serve many bottles of this coconut beer over our weekend bar here in Cleethorpes. It's a beer that people who "don't like beer" really like! Ryan describes it as more coconut than beer... it's sweet, very creamy with a rich, luxurious body, tropical and very refreshing. Best enjoyed chilled. Friend-of-message Becky suggests you try it!




"This Belgian wit beer from the heroes that make Delirium Tremens is blended with coconut to make for a slightly sweet but well-balanced beer with a gorgeous deep coconut flavour and zesty finish. If that doesn't make you feel good, it's also Fair Trade and organic!"

Mongozo 🇧🇪 belgian coconut beer 🥥

  • 3.6%

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91-97 Cambridge St, Cleethorpes DN35 8HD, UK