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About: real apple cider infused with tart rhubarb and a twist of vanilla. 


We say:

Ridiculously refreshing - tastes exactly like retro rhubarb & custard sweets! This semi-sweet and luxuriously creamy cider has been such a big hit served in our weekend bar here in Cleethorpes, we're delighted to have it back... now in bigger 500ML bottles. Hurrah!


Certified Gluten Free ✔️
Vegan Friendly 🌱✔️




About Snails Bank Cider:

We select the best fruit that the locality has to offer and use our years of experience to craft ciders that are traditional, yet suit the modern palate. We don’t believe in chemicals or additives, we work with nature, not against it and, we think you’ll agree, the results speak for themselves.


twitter: @snailsbankcider 

Snails Bank 🇬🇧 rhubarb (and vanilla) cider

  • 4%

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91-97 Cambridge St, Cleethorpes DN35 8HD, UK